4 Steps to Get in Charge of Your Own Career

October 27, 2016

It is not always easy making decisions, especially large ones. The career you choose and then the path you decide to go down within your career is one of the biggest decisions you are going to make in your lifetime. It’s important to treat it as such, and it’s always a good idea to ask for other peoples’ opinions and advice. That being said, you need to be firm and in control of your own career path and choices. Learn when to say no, and that it is okay to say no. Stay focused, and know what you are doing and why it is important to you. Success follows determined people. Here a few simple ideas to help keep you on track.


  1. Avoid negativity. This sounds simple and obvious but it is so important. Don’t let negative people bring you down or feel bad about the choices you are making. Everyone won’t understand what you’re doing or why, but they simply don’t need to. Most importantly, don’t let those negative thoughts deviate you from your plan or focus.
  2. Learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to mess up. Everyone does and everyone will. Don’t let your mistakes make you feel as though you can’t achieve your goals. It’s the only way you will learn, so get back up and try again.
  3. Be okay with change. This can’t be stressed enough. There are always going to be obstacles and the only thing that we are sure will happen is that things will change. You have to be okay and flexible in your plan. Change has the ability to open up great new opportunities, so don’t be upset by minor setbacks.
  4. Work hard. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Always put in your full effort and then some, and be smart along the way. Whether or not it may feel like it, you will stand out and somebody is noticing. The world is your stage so treat it as such.

What was an influential factor that helped you achieve your goals?

5 Ways to Maintain a Positive Personal Outlook

October 14, 2016

Working in the business world is stressful, and often we forget how important it is to create you time. Your mental health is so important, and it’s true that a healthy mind creates a healthy lifestyle. That being said, the importance of creating and maintaining a strong belief in yourself is critical. Here our five suggestions on how to best create a positive personal outlook:


  1. Maintain physical health. While this may seem arbitrary, good physical health generates positive energy. Mental and emotional health is directly related to our physical health. Taking care of yourself applies to all levels, and if one is out of sync it can affect everything.
  2. Keep good company. You are the company you keep rings true. If you are surrounded with negative people you are bound to be affected by their energy. Be sure that the people in your circle are supportive and positive of you and your ambitions.
  3. Don’t do everything alone. While it’s important to make sure you have good people on your team, you need to make sure you have people on your team. Period. Having one person standing behind you voicing their support and encouragement can make all the difference.
  4. Get inspired. Look to your superiors, your peers and your mentors. Pay attention to those around you and take action on the things that light your fire. Read and learn. Find the things that you think are important and then just go do it.
  5. Think positively. This may be the most important tip of all. No matter if you are trying to start up your own business, move up the ladder in your current company, or just find a job in general you need to maintain a positive attitude. The way you respond to the situation around you is the one thing you will always have control of, so make sure to take advantage of it.

What tips do you have to maintain a positive outlook on yourself and your ambitions?


6 Tips on Making a Great First Impression

September 1, 2016

No matter the industry you work in first impressions are important. In those first moments of meeting someone new you are judging can I trust this person, are they competent, will we get along, etc. It is so important to understand and master the art of first impressions. Here are six tips on how to get started:


  1. Be on time. This can’t be stressed enough. The person you are meeting does not care about why you are late or what excuse you have, no matter how valid it may be. Being on time is the first vital step in making a good first impression.
  2. Put your phone down. No matter who you are talking to it’s a good idea to give them your undivided attention, but if it is someone new it is even more important. Showing them that you are interested and engaged will make them want to talk to you and continue conversation with you.
  3. Use active listening. This means you should nod or make small comments of acknowledgement. Ask questions. Write notes if it’s appropriate. Summarize and repeat back what is being said to you to show that you are paying attention.
  4. Positive body language. Make sure that your facial expression and gestures reflect the point you are trying to make. Be active in your movements, but not aggressive.
  5. Talk second. Let the other person take the lead in the conversation. This opens up room for you to ask more questions and it builds their trust in you.
  6. Do your homework. Come in prepared with a good knowledge base on the other person and/or the company. Have questions prepared and ways to link your background back to their profession or company.