To niche or not to niche? That is the question

May 15, 2014

Our answer: niche! Keep reading to find out why.

You may think finding a niche audience for your clientele is just going to slim down business opportunities and make it harder to find clients. But in reality, it will make marketing practices easier, bring in more referrals and strengthen the services you offer.


Why do you need a niche audience?

If you know exactly who you’re trying to market to, you can spend less time and money on widespread marketing efforts. When members of a target audience have similar interests and needs, you’re able to send one clear, central message to all of them.

Most people tend to associate — professionally and personally — with other people like them, which makes it easier for you to expand a niche client base. If each of your clients has at least one similar friend, family member or coworker you can contact, then you’ve already doubled your numbers.

With a niche audience, you also have the opportunity to develop newer and better ideas to serve this clientele. If you know all of their basic needs on the same general level, you’re able to focus more on the approach each client specifically requires.

How do you find your niche audience?

Start by evaluating your current clients and what they have in common. If all your clients don’t seem to have similarities, try to narrow in on your top clients — the ones who give you the most business or who you get along with best. Some things to consider when analyzing your client list: age, occupation/profession, income, location or even simply the services they need. Ideally, your niche audience should have all these things in common.

So you’ve already looked at your clients, and of course they’re important, but now you might need to focus on yourself. What do you bring to the table? Think about the services you offer or specialties you offer within your industry. If you know what sets you apart, you can use that expertise to serve clients who need that specific kind of service.

Once you’ve come up with a tentative audience to be your niche, you can start reaching out to them.

How else have you found your niche?

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