Short Term vs. Long Term Marketing

April 30, 2015


You’re torn. You don’t know whether to invest in long term marketing strategy for the future or short term marketing for tomorrow. Well lucky for you, you can do a little of both. It’s best not to abandon your short term marketing and only work on long term strategies, but you need to remember to work on long term as well. Here are some long term and short term marketing strategies you can work on together.

Short Term:

  • Advertisements. Create an advertisement that doesn’t run too long. Run the add online or in a local newspaper. Since the ad is short term, you can include promotional material relevant to your business at that time.
  • Attend Events. Go to networking events in your local area. This is will get your name out there and you can get some connections. Make sure you regularly attend all different types of events.
  • Get People Talking. Make sure you ask your current clients to refer you (politely of course). Hoping that clients will talk you up is good, but asking them is better.

Long Term:

  • Website. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: websites are extremely important. Make sure you’re making the proper investment in your digital reputation. It might take a while to make it what you want, but it’s worth the time to make it right.
  • SEO. If people can’t find you, they can’t hire you. So make sure you are investing in SEO. There are plenty of companies who can help you with search engine optimization, and it’s becoming more important every day.
  • Database. Start creating an email database. After you have a fair number of clients on the list, start sending out monthly emails with relevant content. This will keep you fresh in their minds.

Long term and short term marketing has to be a balance in your business. Work on your short term marketing for tomorrow, but don’t forget about long term for next year.


How do you balance your short term and long term marketing?