Does Your Bio Turn Clients Away?

March 11, 2014

Traffic to attorney biosIn reviewing website traffic for law firms, you’ll find that 56 percent of visits are to the lawyer biography pages. That’s a lot of people viewing your personal law biography. Most professionals just fill their biographies with the standard law résumé facts, but is this information really what your clients are looking for?

Of course, your name, contact information and even a brief summary of your law education are still important. But these days, clients care a lot less about what you’ve done for X amount of years and a lot more about what you can do for them.

Here are some ideas of what to put in your lawyer bio to make you stand out:

  • How, but most importantly, when and how often you can be reached. Links to social media and blogs are also good to include here.
  • Client testimonies, rather than court and bar affiliations or what other lawyers think of you.
  • Awards are OK, but you don’t need to go on and on about how accredited you are. If you’ve done that well, your clients should reflect your work.
  • Specific expertise or experience is important only if you find that you have a niche clientele. If you tend to take on a varied range of work, then you might advertise how diverse you are in the law industry.

If you’re ready to update your lawyer biography, then you should consider switching up the cookie cutter layout and adding some of these details. You’re in a competitive industry; don’t let yourself fall in line with the rest of the pack. Update the type of information you showcase in order to really differentiate yourself and maximize your client list.

What else makes you stand out as a lawyer?

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