5 Benefits of Interns

January 19, 2017

When looking for a little extra help for your business or you need a little boost you should always consider hiring interns. Many times employers may look to part time employees or temporary positions, but there will always be students looking for work experience. Why not consider hiring them? Here are five potential benefits of hiring an intern:language-school-834138_1920

  1. A trial run. Who doesn’t like to see what they’re getting before they actually commit? When working with an intern you’ll get to see how they operate within the company culture and their work ethic. If they seem like a good investment for you business you can offer a more permanent position, and if not that’s fine too.
  2. A fresh perspective. It’s so important for you and your business to evolve and get a fresh set of ideas to change things up. That’s exactly what an intern can do. They’ll be coming from a much different background and can shine light onto new possibilities or areas of growth you might not have considered before. You never know what could be brought to the table.
  3. Catch up on work. An intern will be coming into this position hoping to gain real life experience and learn what the field of work is really all about. It’s your chance to finish up projects that have taken a backseat, catch up on reports, and really finish all the smaller things that need done but you always seem to run out of time for. Let them do real work and you’ll both benefit in the process.
  4. Enhance employee retention rates. Again, this fails back on the idea of getting to know the employee before you offer a full time position. If you know they are hard workers, team players and get along well within the company before you hire, chances are they will stick around.
  5. Gain a brand advocate. The students will spread your business throughout their campus and social media. Without a doubt the interns will take their experiences back to campus and talk to their friends and classmates. They will post on social media, their family will want to know about their experience and they will want to share with friends what they’ve been up to. Inevitably, your name will be passed around and you’ll get some free advertising.