5 easy ways to be a LinkedIn Allstar

April 16, 2015


So you’ve finally taken everyone’s advice and made a LinkedIn profile. Now what? After you input your experience, you may be overwhelmed with all the options and sections available to edit. But don’t fret! Here are 5 easy ways to be a LinkedIn Allstar.

  1. Make it interesting! Your headline is the sentence right underneath your name on your profile. This is a space where you can get creative! Instead of just writing your job title, make it personal. Mention an interest or a passion to get some attention.
  2. Bullets not welcome. Our tip for the summary section of your profile is don’t use bullets. In this section, tell your story instead of listing facts. This is a chance to share yourself in your own words, so take advantage!
  3. Add media. Many people don’t have any rich media (like videos) on their profile. Creating a short video about yourself will definitely stand out. Sharing your story on camera can put you above the rest.
  4. Pictures! There are two spaces on LinkedIn where you should add a picture. The first is your profile picture. This should be a picture of you doing what you do everyday. This should be a professional picture representing your line of work. The second space for a picture is the banner. This is available at the top of your profile. Use this opportunity to show something meaningful to you. This shows off your personality and can become a talking point to someone new.
  5. Stranger danger! You may get several requests from people you don’t know on LinkedIn. Our advice is not to connect with them. LinkedIn is only helpful when you feel comfortable reaching out to the people on your profile, so stay away from strangers. You can always accept them later if you meet in the future.

With these little tips, you can take your LinkedIn profile all the way to Allstar!

What makes you a LinkedIn Allstar?