Don’t let social media scare you!

November 3, 2014


Social media may seem like a frightening concept but don’t let that discourage you! It can be overwhelming at times, we know! Once you break it down to small, manageable pieces it won’t seem so bad! There are a few important aspects that you should make sure to remember:

  • Have a website. We can’t stress this enough. The first thing people do is look you up online, and the more you have out there the better! Be careful though, having a poorly designed or functioning website can cause customers to look elsewhere.
  • Start slow. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Trying to post a tweet every hour or making a Facebook event every day is going to push you to the limit. Wait until you win an award or find a relevant article to share something online. Your followers will be grateful for the discretion.
  • Create a blog. A blog is a great way to share your knowledge with your customers and prove you know what you’re talking about. Blogs are convenient because you decide the frequency of the posts and their subjects. Start off with a post a month and make sure to share it on your website or with your email database.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Having an substantial online presence is a full-time job; so maybe it’s time to make it one! Consider hiring someone to manage your social media. If you’re not ready to make that sort of commitment, there are plenty of companies you can outsource your social media to. That way you have excellent social media and you have time to focus on your business.

Social media doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. There are plenty of small steps to take before jumping into the social media pool. If you’re still frightened, don’t worry! Let someone take over your website and your fears!

What scares you about social media?


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