Amaze Your Clients in One Simple Way: Social Media

April 26, 2018

So you are looking to expand your business and gain more clients… You’ve been doing everything that you need to do but you’re looking for that extra increase in clients. I have great news for you. One of the best ways, that’s increasing yearly, is: social media. In a recent study, 86% of financial advisors reported that utilizing social media while increasing activity has helped them gain more clients. That’s a 37% increase since 2013!

What’s their secret in being successful on social media? For starters, having social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook isn’t enough. You must engage with your audience, whether that’s responding to Tweets or sharing financial tips that are relevant.

I’d like to leave you with some quick tips that can help you effectively utilize social media while still following regulations of the financial industry: have a primary social media platform. If you haven’t found one yet, LinkedIn is a great platform and a lot of professionals use it. Become dominant and strong in your chosen social media platform and then experiment with others. The different types and numbers of social media platforms will depend on your “audience” and target clientele. Also, it’s important to constantly be listening and learning. What are other businesses in your industry doing on social media? What are they good at? Bad at? If you see a personal connection have a life event such as a wedding or graduation, don’t hesitate to reach out and congratulate them! Lastly, share useful content and be personable. There’s a reason someone is following you or is your connection and that’s to gain insight. Share with them your brand, relevant financial material, and your personal content that reflects your brand.

Does Your Marketing Have a Purpose?

April 12, 2018

As a financial advisor, planner, or an attorney it’s highly important to ensure you have a compelling message with your marketing strategy. This is mainly because people are drawn to companies that are authentic and inspiring. The real question here lies in how do we go about creating our compelling marketing message? I always suggest to focus on the purpose of it all. If you ask a financial advisor what is the purpose of their marketing, most of them would say: “To bring in referrals,” “Build my prospect list,” “Grow business.” However, what they don’t realize is that they’re sharing their goals. The purpose of your marketing and your goals are two separate things. Goals are tangible, measurable, and dated. Purpose is infinite. It is the reason you do what you do. To successfully build your compelling message, one must create an effective purpose. And it is okay to revisit your purpose time to time. But once it is set, the goals are based off your purpose. I’d love to provide some tips on creating your purpose that go beyond the bottom line:

  • Stay authentic. Do you simply love helping people? Are you passionate about helping people reach their financial goals? Or do you love helping people get out of their financial struggles? Let that be heard in your purpose.
  • Specialize. What type of financial advisor/planner are you? Do you focus on a specific target market? Having a niche will actually provide a better and more focused type of service.
  • Have a story. Why did you start doing what you do? This doesn’t necessarily have to be written out in your purpose, but it’s a good idea to develop your story so you can share it with your prospects and clients. It provides the background to your purpose.

What’s the purpose of your marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

3 Tips for explaining what you do

March 31, 2016

We’ve all had trouble with this. It can be really hard to explain to clients and other people you meet what it is you do at work. You haven’t figured out a way to make an impact when you tell people, or even accurately get the point across! (You may want to look at our blog post about elevator pitches too.) It can be difficult to explain what you do because you’re so invested in it, nothing can do it justice. Well look no further, because here are 6 tips for explaining what you do.

explaining your job

  1. Its not about you. When you explain what you do, you shouldn’t make it about you. This sounds counterproductive, they just asked about you! But here’s the trick, explain what you do for others. This makes your job more relatable and interesting. Its much more interesting to “improve people’s businesses by communicating their message” than to be a “marketer”. The first example gets at what you do for someone, not just a label.
  2. Make them feel. People may not remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. Make sure when you’re explaining your job you make it positive. Try a few different explanations out on your friends. See which ones make them smile. You want to leave a positive impression, even if they don’t remember anything else.
  3. Don’t be bashful. This is not the time to be humble. If you’re the best at what you do, tell them! You deserve the credit. Mention that award you won or your 100% satisfied clients. Just make sure you don’t sound too braggy. Make people impressed, not annoyed.

It can be difficult to explain to people exactly what you do, especially in a short amount of time. Just remember to talk about your accomplishments, in relation to your customers, and make them feel something. If you do all three you’ll have no problem getting people to understand your business!

Give a little to get a little

September 4, 2014

Marketing and strategy

A great way to market your business is with sponsorships. But what exactly is a sponsorship? And how does it help my business? A “sponsorship is a financial or in-kind support of an activity, used primarily to reach specified business goals”. The organization or activity being sponsored usually gives recognition at their event or in some other way to the sponsor. So now that we understand a little more about sponsorships, why give money to these organizations?

  • Niche Markets. Giving money to an organization gets your business recognition in a new and different way. Showing your support for something gets your name out there to people interested in a cause. Your business is exposed to new potential customers that already have positive feelings towards your company.
  • Get a Leg Up on the Competition. Providing a sponsorship can set you apart from other companies in your industry. Sponsorships can introduce you to new customers that your competition is vying for. Sponsorships also allow small companies to compete on the same level as large corporations with equal or more impressive sponsorships.
  • Choose you Comfort Level. Many sponsorships offer different packages for the same event. You can pick a level that you and your business are comfortable with and still get recognition. Some packages might make more sense for your business, while others would be too much or not enough.

Sponsorships are a great way to market your business, while at the same time helping an organization or event you care about. You get good exposure in a positive light, while staying in your comfort zone. Sponsorships can be a great way to stay ahead of the competition and market your business in a simple and effective manner.


What sort of sponsorships are you involved in?