Switching Your Marketing Messages From Unopened to Read

February 22, 2018

You’ve noticed that you’re spending hours on writing your marketing messaging for your firm or even a part of your budget on your marketing. However, did you know that most of your marketing messaging is going unread? Think about it, you get thousands of emails daily. How many emails do you open? A few. And those are the ones that have an interesting subject line. Then, once you’ve clicked on the email, and possibly started reading it, it’s difficult for you to pay attention especially if the content isn’t engaging. If you feel as if your marketing messages are part of the “clutter” folder in peoples’ mailbox, let’s change that. There are several different functions we must focus on when writing our marketing messaging.

Focus on the benefits of your services instead of simply the features. Let your audience know what problems you can solve and solutions you can bring. An example of this would be “Want to effectively invest your money?” Focus on what benefit you could bring with your specific services to a target audience.

Obvious one, but make sure to aim at your target market. Major key here would be to include things that would interest your audience. Your emails would be different for a single millennial than someone with a family of five who most likely has different goals.

Clear messaging is an effective strategy no matter what you’re doing in life. You want to ensure your marketing message makes sense, isn’t too wordy, and uses graphics that don’t overwhelm the user.

Answer the question “what’s in it for the prospect?” in your message. What’s something in your industry that your target market finds essential? Whatever it is, use it.

In the end, we want to ensure we’re communicating something that could be of use for the client in our marketing messaging. And strengthening those messages starts with refreshing the fundamentals.

How to market your content to potential clients

May 25, 2017


Taking the time to produce marketing content can be difficult. It’s not always easy to consistently come up with topics and ideas and over time you can start to feel like you’ve come to a dead-end. If you’ve been doing it for a while however, you know as well as I do that dead-ends are just an illusion. We always manage to come up with new ways to push forward; and so with all that work, of course we’d like to think that our readers are absorbing everything we have to offer, right?

That’d be nice, but I’m afraid not. I challenge you to ask a friend, that you know follows your publishings, how many times on average they actually read every word of your content. There’s a good chance you won’t like what they have to say; but try not to get discouraged. Time is valuable to people and sometimes it’s easier to just skim through the paragraphs rather than reading everything on the page.

In marketing, we are always trying to formulate new ideas and strategies to keep our techniques up-to-date; so much so that we can easily lose touch of the basics. One fundamental key principal of content marketing is BENEFITS over FEATURES.

Let me explain… Benefits are just as they sound. They are the value that the potential customer would receive from your services should they decide to become a client. For example, one way you could pitch a benefit is to say something like, “10% Increase in profitability guaranteed!” This is a benefit, and with all things that benefit us, we tend to give them more of our attention. In order to keep your content’s target audience interested and engaged, you need to make sure the benefits your services offer are standing out as much as possible.

Features are kind of like your credentials, so-to-speak. One example of a feature would be something along the lines of, “With over 25 years experience” or “Recipient of Best Firm Award”. These are features, and although they earn you credibility with whom you’re trying to market yourself to, they don’t necessarily capture the attention of the reader. Now, this is not to say features are bad. In fact, including them is very important; but you don’t want to make your pitch focused so much on your features that your benefits don’t get the chance to stand out.

As a rule of thumb, I like to recommend a ratio of 80/20 in favor of benefits. This way, you have a good percentage of features in your content so that your target audience can see what you’ve accomplished for others like them, but they also stay engaged in what you’re trying to sell them. Benefits are the key to getting people to pay attention to you. If you miss the opportunity to capture their attention, you miss the opportunity to serve them as your client; and nobody likes missed opportunities.

5 Benefits of Interns

January 19, 2017

When looking for a little extra help for your business or you need a little boost you should always consider hiring interns. Many times employers may look to part time employees or temporary positions, but there will always be students looking for work experience. Why not consider hiring them? Here are five potential benefits of hiring an intern:language-school-834138_1920

  1. A trial run. Who doesn’t like to see what they’re getting before they actually commit? When working with an intern you’ll get to see how they operate within the company culture and their work ethic. If they seem like a good investment for you business you can offer a more permanent position, and if not that’s fine too.
  2. A fresh perspective. It’s so important for you and your business to evolve and get a fresh set of ideas to change things up. That’s exactly what an intern can do. They’ll be coming from a much different background and can shine light onto new possibilities or areas of growth you might not have considered before. You never know what could be brought to the table.
  3. Catch up on work. An intern will be coming into this position hoping to gain real life experience and learn what the field of work is really all about. It’s your chance to finish up projects that have taken a backseat, catch up on reports, and really finish all the smaller things that need done but you always seem to run out of time for. Let them do real work and you’ll both benefit in the process.
  4. Enhance employee retention rates. Again, this fails back on the idea of getting to know the employee before you offer a full time position. If you know they are hard workers, team players and get along well within the company before you hire, chances are they will stick around.
  5. Gain a brand advocate. The students will spread your business throughout their campus and social media. Without a doubt the interns will take their experiences back to campus and talk to their friends and classmates. They will post on social media, their family will want to know about their experience and they will want to share with friends what they’ve been up to. Inevitably, your name will be passed around and you’ll get some free advertising.