Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn

August 21, 2014


Good things happen to you all the time. You work hard and take advantage of opportunities, and sometimes those pay off. You get nominated for an award, get a promotion, or put on a successful event. How are your clients and your friends going to find out about your recent success? Here are some tips for sharing good news:

  • It might feel like bragging. Telling everyone you know that you just won an award may seem like you’re showing off and being rude. This isn’t the case. No one is going to brag about you but you, so do it! Don’t be afraid to mention your promotion or post about your event.
  • Be polite. You don’t want to start off a conversation with a brag, but there are other ways to bring it up. First ask someone to tell you about their accomplishments and news in their life. They will almost certainly ask about you next, and you can feel free to mention your recent success.
  • Let people help. Allow your friends and coworkers to write social media posts about you and your accomplishment. You can share those posts yourself and it won’t seem like bragging. You can also add a note to the post about how humbled you are to be nominated or how thankful you are for the help you had for your event.
  • Use your connections. Write a press release about your recent accomplishment and let your high school or college alumni newsletter publish it. Your schools will love seeing the success of its students and you get free publicity. If you volunteer or participate in groups, share your news there! There might be a bulletin board or social media site you can post to.

It’s important to share your accomplishments with people you know and people you want to know. Be proud of yourself and let people help you share the good news in any way, shape, or form. You never know when a connection could be made. Remember to be polite, not shy! You deserve to brag a little!


How do you let people know about your accomplishments?