New Data, Top Clients

March 5, 2015

client magnet

Since reading our last two blogs, you made a client survey and analyzed the data you received. Now how do you turn this into marketing? You can use the results of your data to market to your top clients and get better results. Here are some ways to turn your survey results into marketing:

  • Pay Attention. See what your clients are saying about you and adapt. If your data says that your lobby is a reason clients feel uncomfortable with your business, do something about it! Then write about it in your monthly newsletter or send out a special email drawing attention to your new-and-improved space. This shows that you care about your clients and improving yourself.
  • Publish the Results. This is another way to get your client’s attention. Write a report and invite your clients to read it. This proves that the work your clients did answering the survey mattered. It’s a great way to let your clients know what your company is working on and keeps them in touch with your business.
  • Compare and Contrast. Use the data you got from your survey to compare yourself to the competition. Look at what your strengths are and use those to your advantage. Advertise that clients reported “trusting your employees” or “timely and friendly service”, depending on what your results show. Customers will respond to client-provided options.

Surveys are a fantastic idea for any business that wants to gain insight. Surveys are a great way to connect with clients and find out their opinions. After organizing that data, you can use it to improve your business and tell your clients about your new improvements. So, why aren’t you using surveys yet?


How do you market your survey results to top clients?

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014


Happy Anniversary Three Point Marketing!

July 19, 2014

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Email Marketing – How to keep your emails from being ignored

July 1, 2014

email marketingEmail marketing is a great way to get your company out there. Directly connecting with potential business lets people know you exist and what you can offer them – that is as long as they read the email. Sending emails is one thing, but getting your customers to open and read those emails can be more of a challenge. Here are some tips for successful email marketing:

  • Keep it personal – People don’t want to feel like they are just another name on a list. Craft your emails so customers feel as though the email is only for them. Pretend that you are only sending the email to one person, people respond to individual attention!
  • Trust is important – The point of email marketing is eventually to sell your product or service, but make sure you don’t trick people into signing up or purchasing something they don’t want. Be upfront about how many emails you will send when people subscribe, and what the content will be. Customers will appreciate the honesty!
  • Grab their attention – The subject line of your email is the first impression you get to make, so make it count! Use words that are  powerful and evoke emotion, but keep it simple! You want enough to make them curious, not bored!
  • Short and sweet – Making your emails too long cause people to skip right over them. Your readers are busy, so make your emails easy to read and strait to the point. Make important lines bigger or bold, in case your readers are only skimming the text!
  • Repetition is key – Include important links multiple times to increase exposure. People will be more likely to click to your website if there are more opportunities!
  • Make it meaningful – Don’t send emails for the sake of sending emails! Only send emails when you have something important or meaningful to say. Customers don’t want to read useless information and will start to ignore emails you send in the future!

Email marketing is a convenient way to keep your customers updated and involved in your business. Focus on your business and your message, people will respond when they know you’re passionate and honest about your product!

How do you use email marketing in your business?

A Little Surprise for Later …

May 8, 2014

This past weekend my husband and I had a little escape to Napa and Sonoma. It’s always nice to sneak away and unwind for a few days. Tasting fabulous wine isn’t too bad either ….

Twice in Sonoma we experienced great examples of “surprise and delight” marketing. What exactly is Surprise and Delight Marketing? It’s as easy as it sounds. Find a way to cut through the regular every day normal and go above and beyond, therefore surprising and delighting your client.

1.  Saturday we experienced a lovely Estate Tour & Tasting at Jordan Winery. We spent three hours touring their beautiful property while enjoying the chef’s amazing food pairings all while sipping their Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The views, food (prepared on site by Estate Executive Chef Todd Knoll) and wine were to be remembered on their own, but it was unexpected, surprise for later, take home gift that sealed the deal for me. When we were leaving, our host, Claire, handed us each a departure gift:

Jordan surprise and delight gift


I certainly wasn’t expecting this token … but it did what it was supposed to do: surprise and delight.


2.  Saturday evening we decided to go all out and indulge in Chef’s Louis Maldonao’s Tasting Menu at Spoonbar. I may dream about the scallop noodles, spring peas and fermented chili dish for years to come. Our server, Josh, was charming and informative and answered any of the zillion food and wine questions I asked. Everything – from the food to the wine – was outstanding. And then, when we were leaving, Josh handed us a surprise for later gift … a serving of house made granola to enjoy the next morning:

spoonbar photo surprise and delight



Have these “little surprises left for later” worked? Let’s see … I have already passed along the information to both Jordan and Spoonbar to my friends (also known as: referrals to new customers). Without question, when we return to Healdsburg, we will visit them both the vineyard and the restaurant again (also known as: custom loyalty). So yes, Surprise and Delight marketing does work.


How are you surprising and delighting your clients by leaving little gifts for later?




Don’t believe me? Check out this article from the Harvard Business Review:

Mom was right… You need to say thank you

March 27, 2014

The holidays may be over, but that’s no reason to stop being thankful. Giving thanks shows those surrounding your business how much you really value them. You should make it a habit to thank the people who contribute to your success – employees, clients, businesses that help you along the way and more.

We’re often too busy trying to get on with the next big thing to think about sending out thanks, but you may only need to spare an hour, half an hour, sometimes even just 10 minutes of you time. Thank you goes a long way when it comes to doing business.

These are some times when you should be giving thanks:

  • Business with new (and returning) clients
  • An associate has been particularly creative, prompt, helpful, etc.
  • Project milestones or completion
  • Referral from a friend, family member or another business
  • Any business opportunity – whether you get the deal or not

It doesn’t have to be a grand expression; a simple thank you will usually do the trick. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any effort into it. Small, thoughtful actions are more than enough to show people your appreciation.

Here are some ideas of showing gratitude to those around you:

  • Mail or drop off a handwritten card
  • Stop by with a small gesture like coffee or tea
  • Reward employees with gift cards or other small gifts
  • Hold fun team gatherings outside the office
  • Sometimes a phone call or an email is OK if you truly don’t have the time to do more – be sure to make these come across particularly intentional and personal

If regular thank you’s aren’t part of your business practice, they should be. The quality of your work is important, but ultimately it comes down to the way you do business that will bring in (or turn away) clients.

Thank You in cut out magazine letters

How do you say thank you?

Three Point Marketing offers marketing support for professional service providers such as financial planners, attorneys, and accountants.

Happy Holidays from Three Point Marketing

December 19, 2013

During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible.

And in this spirit we say, simply but sincerely …

Thank you and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and a Happy 2014!


Three Point Marketing offers marketing support for professional service providers such as financial planners, attorneys, and accountants. 

Client Holiday Gift Giving Guide

December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving decorations are all put away and the turkey leftovers have been eaten.  Everywhere you turn there is holiday décor.

It’s not too late to think about holiday gifting. First, start off with creating a manageable list of clients.  There is no magic number here – it can be as few or as many as you want. Try to keep it to your very best clients though – no need to send a gift to everyone in your database.

Many of us get stuck on this issue of what to give … really, what could our clients receive from us that would be meaningful, but not break the bank?

Our advice is to keep it simple.  Don’t overthink it.  Yes, your top clients may have the means to go buy anything they want at any time they want.  That doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a small, thoughtful token of cheer from you.

Here are our top gift ideas for the holidays:

  1. Edible arrangement
  2. Cd of holiday songs
  3. Ornament
  4. Wreath
  5. Poinsettia
  6. Engraved wine glass
  7. A good book

What else would you suggest?

Three Point Marketing offers marketing support for professional service providers such as financial planners, attorneys, and accountants.