3 Tips for Using Slang in Marketing

In the past using slang or texting lingo in a professional setting has been frowned upon. However, there is a time and place for everything. If you feel as though your image or brand could benefit from using this type of language, here are three useful types to use.


  1. Know your audience. Using texting phrases or slang in your marketing strategy isn’t a good idea if it doesn’t relate to those you are talking too! If you are trying to create an advertisement for 15 year old girls, YES. If you are creating an advertisement for medical professionals, NO. While this may seem simple and obvious many companies have tried to jump on the bandwagon even though it was inappropriate for their audience. The best advice is to be aware of the crowd you are trying to entice.
  2. Know the shelf life. It’s important to consider how popular the slang is. If you are trying to stay current and up to date, make sure the language is also current and up to date! For example, right now ‘bae’ and ‘omg’ are popular ones, but ‘yolo’ is something that was very popular but quickly went out of fashion.
  3. Know your platform. Not every marketing resource you have should incorporate slang. Right now a very popular platform for this is Twitter. It’s not texting, but considering the audience and the limited characters it makes sense to utilize the lingo. You relate more to your audience and come across as more tech savvy.

Remember that while in many cases this can be a useful, productive tool to remain cautious and aware of what you want your personal brand to look like, your audience, and your platform. Using slang can hurt you just as much as it can help you.

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