4 Tips for writing a killer blog

So you’ve decided to start a blog. You probably have some questions or concerns, but fear no more. We’re here to five you 4 tips for writing a killer blog. If you want more tips, check out an earlier Three Point Marketing post of 5 Tips for a Great Blog or any of these posts.


  1. Hyperlinks. See what I did there? Hyperlinks to older blog posts you’ve created as well as outside links to more information shows you did your research. This increases your SEO and more people will find your blog. Hint: always make sure your hyperlink opens in a new tab.
  2. CTA. Your call-to-action is important in a post. It’s what you want your readers to do after they finish reading. This could be signing up for emails or downloading an ebook. For CTA best practices check out this post.
  3. Keywords. Repeating your keywords in your heading, title, and throughout your blog is important. It increases SEO! Have a long tail keyword so you only get readers interested in your specific post. This makes readers happy because they find exactly what they need.
  4. Length. Ever wonder what the length of your post should be? According to Buffer, your post should be about 1,600 words. Check out their infographic below for more stats on ideal lengths.

Social Media Length Infographic


What are some blogging tips you’ve come up with?

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