Don’t take no for an answer


Have you ever wanted something so bad you can taste it? You’d do anything to make it happen, no matter how many times you had to start again? Then you know how it feels to persevere. In business, as in life, you have to work hard to reach your goals. If you don’t have to work hard, then your goals aren’t high enough. Here are some tips to think about:

  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone.  If you want to be great, you must keep moving forward. Getting too comfortable is the enemy of success.
  • You have to want it. Really try to pick goals you’re passionate about. If you want to succeed, you will.
  • Never give up. No matter what happens, always keep reaching toward your goals. If it was going to be easy, it wouldn’t be a goal.
  • Compete. Make a competition with yourself to motivate you. Even if you lose, keep trying until you win.
  • Reward your efforts. While reaching a goal is a reward in itself, having extrinsic motivation is always a plus.

Maybe you’re not playing for a trophy or fame and glory, but you are fighting for something. Set your goals high and you may surprise yourself. Don’t sell yourself short. You can accomplish any goal with hard work and perseverance.

How do you stay motivated?

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