6 Tips for the Perfect Client Surveys


Wait. You’re NOT surveying your top clients? Your clients have tons of valuable information that will help you improve your business in ways you might never think of. But you have to ask. Many people are very willing to take a short survey. You can take those responses and analyze them (look our next blog for tips on analyzing) to strengthen your client relationships. Here are 6 tips for creating the best client surveys.

  1. Start it off simple. Your first few questions shouldn’t be complicated. Participants won’t bother to finish the survey. Keep it easy by asking yes or no questions or multiple choice in the beginning.
  2. Don’t waste your time. Make sure you don’t include questions just to take up space. It’s important that every question be well thought out with a goal in mind. Really consider if the information they are giving is necessary.
  3. Stay consistent. If you’re asking questions with a rating scale (like excellent through poor) make sure to keep it the same throughout the whole survey. If you switch it up, participants may get confused.
  4. Be specific. You definitely want to be specific, especially when using open-ended questions. The wording of a question really matters, and you want to make sure you’re getting an accurate response. If you want your clients to explain, make sure you tell them! Or you’re sure to get one-word answers.
  5. Test it out. It can be really helpful to get someone form the target audience (like a close client) that will take the survey before you send it. This way you can eliminate confusing wording or differing interpretations in your questions.
  6. Send reminders. Taking an optional survey can easily slip a busy client’s mind. Try to send reminder emails or updates to encourage clients to send in responses. Consider offering an incentive if clients respond.

Your clients are the best way to get truthful information about your business. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this data pool!

How do you survey your clients?

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