Show me the money


You invest a lot of time and money into your marketing efforts. You know that tracking your exact marketing success is hard; there’s no simple way to do it. But you want to know where your success is coming from so you can continue with certain campaigns over others. It is much easier to track online marketing efforts than offline ones, but it is still possible. While this is not an exact science, here are some tips for keeping track of your marketing efforts:

  1. First things first. Make sure you have a running list of all your marketing campaigns. Even small ones. This allows you to compare and contrast results and organizes your efforts so there is less repetition and confusion.
  2. Differentiate. Try putting a separate phone number or email address on different campaigns you employ. This will allow you to see which marketing campaigns are driving customers. You could also tell customers to “mention this ad” or ask where they heard of you.
  3. Make it easy. One of the easiest ways to track your online marketing is with website analytics. Make sure you are keeping track of web page visitors and interested customers. One way to do this is with Google Analytics. (It’s free!)

Obviously all marketing efforts can’t be tracked exactly. Some people will see your ads and forget where, some will hear from a friend, and some will stumble upon you by accident. But you can use these simple tips to see what you can track and get the most out of it for your business.


How do you keep track of your marketing efforts?

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