Thirty Seconds to Success How to perfect your elevator pitch with 5 easy tips:

First things first: what IS an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a quick summary about you, your business, or a product or service, and it’s value.  The elevator pitch got it’s name from the idea that this speech should be able to be carried out in the time it takes to ride in an elevator. You never know who you might share that space with!clock-334117_1280

To perfect this short summary, you can take advantage of these 5 tips for success:

  1. Explain yourself! Outline your speech with basic questions to answer. Who are you? What does your business offer? What makes you different from your competition? Make sure you include vital information about your business and what you do, but keep it interesting!
  1. Keep it short and sweet! Talking on and on about yourself is not necessarily going to impress your audience. Make sure you only include key points about your business. This speech is meant to last from thirty seconds to one minute, so keep that in mind when writing your pitch.
  1. Practice practice practice! The most important selling point for your idea is you! Make sure you’re confident, you should be! No one knows more about your business than you, so prove it! Practice giving your pitch in front of friends or in front of a mirror. Make sure you know your stuff.
  1. Think about your audience! The same pitch might not be the best idea to use for everyone. Think about the person you’re talking to. It may be a good idea to focus more on parts of your business that relate to their needs
  2. Switch it up! You don’t have to write a script for your elevator pitch and memorize it word for word. It’s more important for you to have a general outline that can be adjusted for any number of reasons. Your business won’t always stay the same. Remember to add or take out changes in your business to make your pitch relevant.

Do you have any tips on making an elevator pitch?

One Response to Thirty Seconds to Success How to perfect your elevator pitch with 5 easy tips:

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