New Year, New Business

Officially 2014 has arrived and you’re off to a new start – not just for yourself – but also for your business.  When it comes to resolutions, you should focus on setting realistic goals.  Challenge is always essential for growth, but overly high or specific expectations can lead to disappointment as the year goes on and you still haven’t reached those accomplishments.

Here are some ideas to kick-start your business resolutions.

Promote – Especially with small businesses, promotion is easily forgotten or left out of the budget.  This year we urge you to get serious about marketing your services.  If you want new clients, you have to make an effort to reach them, whether you design your own campaign or hire an expert – like Three Point Marketing!

Remodel – Maybe your office needs more space or the website begs for updated info and a fresh look. Whatever it is, make some time for renovations this year.  If you aren’t excited about your website, blog, or social media accounts, you’re a lot less likely to use them.  The same goes for the work place; when you’re feeling cluttered or cramped, your results tend to show it.  New design can excite and motivate.

photo 1-1Let go – Sometimes things just don’t work.  Know when to give up on a client or deal you’ve been trying to land for too long.  Don’t hesitate to change or drop a business method that isn’t working for you anymore.  Too much time, energy, and resources are often wasted trying to make things happen that aren’t meant to be.  Don’t hold your business back in 2014!

Network – Making connections in the business world is like blocking and tackling in football; if you can’t do it, you’ll have a hard time winning.  It’s the best way to create business relationships, secure clients, share ideas, and inspire new ones.  Even professionals you may see as the competition can contribute to your own business concepts and endeavors.  Put yourself out there this year and get into networking.

The key to carrying out your resolutions is doing a reasonable amount of work at a time.  Some of your goals may be big projects that require you to start planning for the whole year now.  Others might just take a little here and a little there.

What resolutions have you made for your business in 2014?

Three Point Marketing offers marketing support for professional service providers such as financial planners, attorneys, and accountants. 

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